INSPIRATION – Groove & Breaks (Drum Loops) sample pack

$ 19,99

17 creative drum loops + 17 breaks + 11 hits


Looking for inspirational drum loops ?

This sample pack was made to inspire new ideas, fresh concepts and an original perspective to your music while keeping things simple and groovy.

In this pack you get :

  • 17 Groove Drum loops
  • 17 Drum Breaks
  • 3 cymbals samples with 3 different hit strength for each one
  • 2 Bass Drum / Kick samples

Everything was recorded in a 4/4 time signature, using high quality equipment. The tempo used was 80 bpm, 95 bpm, 100 bpm, 110 bpm and 130bpm.

All the files are .wav so you can use them in any DAWs or samples software to create brand new music and get INSPIRED with this new sample pack.