Are you looking for a UNIQUE and HIGH QUALITY drum track ?

Hi !

I’m Zamm Kenoby,

I’ve worked successfully as a drummer for more than 10 years and can play in any genre thanks to the time I spent studying drums with some of the best drummers on the planet as teachers : BENNY GREB, MIKE JOHNSTON, ANIKA NILLES and LARNELL LEWIS (Snarky Puppy).

For your song/project I will:

  • Select the gear that suits your song the best among a lot of high end cymbals and snares.
  • Compose a drum part that supports the emotions of your song.
  • Record it with pro gear in my acoustically treated home studio.
  • Mix it so that you’ll just have to use the volume fader to adjust it to your taste.
  • Provide Raw Stems as your creation has value and may require more flexibility during the full mixing process.

Plus, because quality drumming would be useless if bad sounding, I’ve learned to record and mix drums with Ronan Chris Murphy (mixing engineer for King Crimson and Terry Bozzio) to be able to give you the best sounding drum tracks I can.

If your still unsure, check out my work on my YouTube channel :

Feel free to contact me and to place your order now !

I’ll record Drums for one song.
You’ll get :

  • All the RAW Stems (multitracks)
  • A Drums Stereo Premix
  • Two takes to choose from or comp with
  • 100% of the commercial rights
  • All the files in 48kHz
  • Two revisions


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