80 bpm click track with random gap click / ghost click.
The difficulty increase gradually, beginning with one note gap and going all the way to a 20 seconds gap click.

This can’t be done with the metronomes I know at the moment, this is why I created those videos.

The time signature used here is 4/4 even if the sounds used doesn’t state it. It’s shown on screen. But don’t look at the screen all the time, it would be a less efficiant trayning. If you’re lost at some point, look at it till you feel on track, then stop looking at the video if possible.

You don’t HAVE to go through all the 7 minutes of training. Just play with this track regularly (every day if possible), and try to chalenge yourself with the right amount of difficulty.

As the difficulty and the number and lenth of gaps increase gradualy, it would be a great idea to play with this track from the very begining till you feel you’ve reached your limite, then take note of the time where you stoped and try again later. By taking note of the times where you stoped, you can see your own growth.

Relax, breath, make sure your shoulders are low, and have fun !